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Program Manager - Cold Chain Management

Program Manager - Cold Chain Management

Publicado el: 12/01/2018


This position is responsible for managing customer temperature monitoring programs that help companies who are involved in the manufacture or distribution of temperature sensitive food and pharmaceutical products to continuously improve their cold chains. The role of the program manager is to provide exceptional customer service, data analysis, information visualization, process improvement, project management and report writing and presentation. The program manager works within a cross functional team that includes account managers, client services, data analysts, project managers, industrial engineers, food scientists and field technicians. The program manager also works with customers at multiple levels including QA and/or operations manager’s at large multinational companies. The ideal candidate should possess excellent customer service skills and effectively communicate with customer representatives at all levels.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

• Manage databases, analyze data and create reports. Identify opportunities for improvement and make recommendations for corrective actions to customer’s cold chain.
• Interact with customers and their representatives, understand their cold chain and gain their trust and participation in cold chain improvement activities.
• Provide cold chain management expertise and improvement programs to customers.
• Facilitate the flow of information amongst members of cross functional team.
• Continuously improve skills and expertise in 3 key areas: handling of temperature sensitive products, process improvement and cold chain management/refrigeration.
• Present at customer and industry events.

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